Quintessential Chinese Culture      
  From royal historians to folk artists to ordinary people, the Chinese have experienced cultural changes for thousands of years. Fanning out from specific aspects of Chinese culture to an overview, The Quintessence of Chinese Culture focuses on 12 of the most representative cultural categories in China. It gives a brief overview of Chinese culture through these quintessential subcultures, such as Beijing Opera, Traditional Martial Arts, Tea Culture, Traditional Chinese Painting, and personalizes Chinese culture by examining its influence on individuals in modern times.  
  12-subject Set, 30 minutes each
( English & Chinese )
Each: $ 29.95 for home use and $ 75.00 for classroom use including institutional public performance right
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Peking Opera
. ISBN 1-59882-005-2  
. price: $ 29.95  
Peking Opera is full of vigor and vitality. This program takes viewers through many aspects of producing a Peking Opera, including make-up, musical training, movement training, costumes, and set design. The development of this ancient opera is described by many touching stories. The viewers will not only learn the legends and watch the magnificent scenes played-out when Peking Opera was at its height of splendor, but they will also enjoy the classic programs performed by many famous Chinese Peking Opera stars.  
Chinese Sculpture
. ISBN 1-59882-006-0  
. price: $ 29.95  
  The Terracotta Warriors had been sealed beneath the earth for two thousand years. Their discovery drew people's attention to ancient Chinese sculpture. Sculpture has long been considered in China as insignificant when compared to painting and calligraphy, which were thought of as classical arts. This program, however, unfolds the vast culture of Chinese sculpture as precious works of art as well as parts of daily lives.
Chinese Folk Music
. ISBN 1-59882-007-9
. price: $ 29.95
  All over the world, Chinese folk music has won applause because of its distinct style. Using in-depth research, this program introduces the history, development, and various styles of Chinese folk music. Through this music we uncover the ancient Chinese sentiment that folk music represents. We also rediscover and appreciate unique musical instruments such as the Xun--a wind instrument, and the Gong-a drum and plank.  
Chinese Martial Arts
. ISBN 1-59882-008-7  
. price: $ 29.95  
  In the new millennium, the blockbuster film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon made Chinese martial arts once again fashionable all over the world. Martial Art, which is also praised as "China's national skill," is an ancient culture in China meant to strengthen the body and cultivate the spirit. This program introduces the development and history of traditional Chinese martial arts, including the different sects, weapons, movements, and Shaolin stories handed down for generations.
Chinese Tea Culture
Watch This Video
. ISBN 1-59882-009-5  
. price: $ 29.95  
  China is the birthplace and hometown of tea culture. From emperors, aristocrats and men of letters, to the working class and country folk, all Chinese love to drink tea. They drink it not only for its healing effects, but also as an enjoyable experience. This program details Chinese tea culture from four angles: examining the natural environments that produce famous Chinese teas, tracing the origins of teahouses, performing the tea ceremony, and linking tea and Buddhism.  
Chinese Traditional Painting
. ISBN 1-59882-010-9  
. price: $ 29.95  
  Chinese traditional painting expresses the essence of Chinese culture. Using brush-pens, ink, paper, and ink-stones as tools, traditional painting has its own unique system for portraits, landscapes, flowers, birds, and other animals. This episode follows the trail of influential artists. It also describes the spiritual framework that developed Chinese traditional painting by examining their works, techniques, and individual life experiences.

Chinese Silk
. ISBN 1-59882-011-7  
. price: $ 29.95  
  In ancient times, Chinese silk and porcelain provided quintessential images of China. This program chronologically describes the development of the Northern Grassland Silk Road, the Southwest Silk Road, and the Silk Road by the Sea. It tells the stories of these ancient trade routes from both western and eastern perspectives. The viewer will learn about silk production, the legendary stories of the Silk Road, and appreciate the most precious silks from each dynasty.

Chinese Cuisines
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. ISBN 1-59882-012-5  
. price: $ 29.95  
Chinese cuisines has gone beyond the concept of simply eating for nourishment. It formed a unique culture in China: a special form of communication. This program introduces eight styles of Chinese cuisine. You will see the culinary art of great chefs and various kinds of delicacies. Here, Chinese people's emotional world melts with cooking.  
Chinese Dances
. ISBN 1-59882-013-3  
. price: $ 29.95  
A wide range of styles characterizes Chinese dances. This program introduces the fundamentals of Chinese dances and the characteristics of classical and folk dance. It also showcases the gorgeous Dunhuang Dance and the Nishangyuyi Dance of the prosperous Tang Dynasty. China's history has been written by its prominent figures, but its cultural history has been recorded in the language of dance.  
Chinese Gardens
. ISBN 1-59882-014-1  
. price: $ 29.95  
  Chinese gardens live in the tradition of ancient landscapes. This program details the architectural characteristics of Chinese gardens, the subtle spatial relationships in the gardens, and the philosophy behind Chinese gardens. Viewers will appreciate the royal style of northern Chinese gardens and the delicate style of southern gardens, understand the ingenuity of the original garden architects, and sense the delightful experience of walking in a Chinese garden.

Chinese Imperial Costume
. ISBN 1-59882-015-X  
. price: $ 29.95  
  The Chinese imperial costume was used to symbolize political identity and social status. In ancient times, strict rules on wearing hats, headdresses, shoes, colors, and designs were reinforced. This program documents the evolution of the imperial costume in detail;emphasizes the designs and colors that represent special meanings,and their influence on modern fashions;uncovers the countless ties between Chinese philosophy and the feudal caste system. This program also features the sexy and gorgeous clothing and accessories of the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907 AD) and the delicate and implicit official dresses of the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279 AD).
Traditional Chinese Medicine
. ISBN 1-59882-016-8  
. price: $ 29.95  
  With a long-standing history, traditional Chinese medicine has created a unique Chinese health culture. This program traces the development of traditional Chinese medicine, shares the important legends of Chinese medicine, including Shenongshi, Bianque, Zhangzhongjing, and Lishizhen, explains the details of unique medical formulas and treatments, and describes the unique health culture of traditional Chinese medicine.

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