Chinese History & Archaeology      
  From the Great Wall to the Forbidden City, from the wondrous Terracotta Warriors to the majestic Potala Palace, the glory and splendor of Chinese culture has stunned the world. However, these marvels are only the tip of an iceberg. Those treasures and mysteries buried underground would amaze you even more and lead you into a world of wonders and unknowns. The series of Chinese History & Archaeology combines elaborated reenactments, state-of-art computer graphics, and extensive coverage of the latest field and laboratory work in Chinese archaeology, bringing you the mysterious ancient world of Chinese civilization.  
  10 subjects, 48 - 85 minutes each
( English & Chinese )
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Chinese Antique Furniture (69 min)
. ISBN 978-1-59882-061-4  
. price: $ 39.95  
Ever since the Chinese ancestors started to move away from their cave-homes around 7000 years ago, they began to make simple furniture for their new homes. The ancient furniture, with their superb craftsmanship and unique aesthetic tastes, continue to amaze people today near and far. This documentary goes beyond the obvious to find out stories, historical significance, and practical uses of the unusual-looking ancient furniture.  
Ancient Chinese Music Instruments (65 min)
. ISBN 978-1-59882-062-1  
. price: $ 39.95  
  To the ancient Chinese, music could calm the mind and purify the spirit. The composition of music was the harmonious arrangement of the ※Eight Sounds§, which refer to sounds generated by instruments made of 8 natural materials: metal, stone, clay, wood, bamboo, silk, gourd, and rawhides. This documentary tells stories of the musical instruments unique to the Chinese, and outlines their colorful history of cultural exchange with instruments from other cultures.
Chinese Dress and Adornments through the Dynasties ㄗ59 min)
. ISBN 978-1-59882-063-8
. price: $ 39.95
  The artistic temperament and interest of ancient Chinese have been embodied in their clothing with the use of silk and embroidery. The ancient Chinese clothing had not only deeply influenced traditional dress of Japan and Korea, but also prevailed in the fashion world today. This documentary portrays variety of styles, and reveals the development of Chinese clothing in the past dynasties and their inspirations to our present time.  
Ancient Chinese Weaponry (62 min)
. ISBN 978-1-59882-063-8  
. price: $ 39.95  
  The ancient Chinese weapons made with bronze and iron were once the most advanced in the world. The Chinese also invented gunpowder and rockets. This documentary tells stories of over 40 ancient Chinese weapons, some rare and some typical, and their history. You will see more than 10 thousand pieces of weapons unearthed from a 3000-year old tomb, a pair of hatchets owned by a female general from the 3000-year ago Shang Dynasty, a missile named ※A Nest of Wasps§, and the earliest Cannon which was made with bamboo, just to name a few.
Mystery of the Hemudu Culture (50 min)
. ISBN 978-1-59882-056-0  
. price: $ 39.95  
  The Hemudu culture (5000 BC 每 4500 BC) was one of the earliest Neolithic cultures that flourished the lower reaches of the Yangtze River Basin and cultivated rice. Artifacts discovered at Hemudu include over 150 tons of carbonized rice husk, remains of various plants, and music instruments made of animal bone and wood.  
Passage to the Yin Site (48 min)
. ISBN 978-1-59882-057-7  
. price: $ 39.95  
  Yinxu is the ruins of the last capital of China*s Shang Dynasty (1766 BC 每 1050 BC), served 255 years for 12 kings. It is famous as the original source of over 100,000 oracle bones and oracle bone script, the earliest systematic form of Chinese writing. Excavations also uncovered over 80 foundation sites including palaces, shrines, tombs and workshops.

The Jinsha Ruin of Ancient Shu (49 min)
. ISBN 978-1-59882-058-4  
. price: $ 39.95  
  Jinsha was discovered in 2001 during a real estate construction in the suburbs of Chengdu located in the southwest China. It flourished around 1000 BC and shares similarities with the Sanxingdui site (1200 BC 每 1100 BC) 30 miles away. Archaeological study uncovers a mysterious Bronze Age culture with an artistic style that was completely unknown in the history of Chinese Art in the ancient kingdom of Shu.

The Mysterious Zhongshan State (50 min)
. ISBN 978-1-59882-059-1  
. price: $ 39.95  
The Zhongshan State (~500 BC 每 296 BC) was founded in the chaotic middle land of China by a nomadic tribe from the north during the Warring States Period. Surrounded by powerful states, the Zhongsan State rose and fell several times, writing a unique chapter of Chinese history with impressive economic and cultural achievements.  
The Legend of Mawangdui (70 min)
. ISBN 978-1-59882-060-7  
. price: $ 39.95  
Mawangdui is an archaeological site containing the tombs of a Marquis family from the western Han Dynasty (206 BC 每 24 AD). A mummified body of a woman from the site was so well-preserved that an autopsy showed that she probably died of a heart attack. The site displays Chinese civilization 2000 years ago: a well-preserved mummy, classical literatures written on silk, lacquered wares, painted silk garments and much more.  
A Persian Kingdom Revealed from a 1,400 Year Old Tomb in China (85 min in 2 DVDs)
. ISBN 978-1-59882-055-3  
. price: $ 39.95  
  A group of archeologists discovered a 1400 year-old tomb decorated with carving and objects of forign figures and customs in central China. As it turned out, the owner was a high official serving the emperor of Sui Dynasty to administer foreigners resided in China at the time. He himself was from a religious Persian kingdom that disappeared more than a thousand years ago.

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