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1. Communicate in Chinese

2. Quintessential Chinese Culture
3. Chinese Folk Arts 4. World Heritage Sites in China
5. Chinese History & Archaeology
6. 2008 Sichuan Earthquake Archieves

Communicate in Chinese
The learning of conversations: Communicate in Chinese aims to allow viewers to become adept at using Mandarin Chinese to communicate in daily life. With situational dialogues, new words, common expressions, cultural background, language points, and substitutional drills, it integrates comprehension with practical usage. The teaching materials concentrate on spoken Chinese. Through the character's daily activities presented in situational dialogues, language context is reflected and students will find their interest grow as they gradually grasp the ability to communicate in Chinese. It offers viewers a direct window on understanding Chinese people and culture as well.
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Quintessential Chinese Culture
  From royal historians to folk artists to ordinary people, the Chinese have experienced cultural changes for thousands of years. Fanning out from specific aspects of Chinese culture to an overview, The Quintessence of Chinese Culture focuses on 12 of the most representative cultural categories in China. It gives a brief overview of Chinese culture through these quintessential subcultures, such as Beijing Opera, Traditional Martial Arts, Tea Culture, Traditional Chinese Painting, and personalizes Chinese culture by examining its influence on individuals in modern times.

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Chinese Folk Arts
The Chinese people have created abundant folk arts, such as paper-cuttings, acrobatics, etc., passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years. Rich in traditional beauty, vivid local color, and individual artistic expression, these works of art are well liked not only by the Chines, but also by people around the world. This video collection of Chinese Folk Arts documents various art forms and explores historical perspectives of these colorful folk custom and folk culture.     
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World Heritage Sites in China
  China's cultural and natural heritage belongs not only to China but also to the world and all of humanity. The documentary series, Chinese Archives of World Heritage Sites, focus at length on 22 legacies - their history, geography, natural expertise, and related cultural artifacts. They help viewers to understand the shape of Chinese culture developed over thousands of years, including political ideology, moral concepts, philosophical ideas, aesthetic pursuits, life interests and even the conduct and spirit of the Chinese people. They also inspire people to think about the meaning of traditional culture and natural environment as a source of power and sustenance.
Chinese History & Archaeology
  From the Great Wall to the Forbidden City, from the wondrous Terracotta Warriors to the majestic Potala Palace, the glory and splendor of Chinese culture has stunned the world. However, these marvels are only the tip of an iceberg. Those treasures and mysteries buried underground would amaze you even more and lead you into a world of wonders and unknowns. The series of Chinese History & Archaeology combines elaborated reenactments, state-of-art computer graphics, and extensive coverage of the latest field and laboratory work in Chinese archaeology, bringing you the mysterious ancient world of Chinese civilization.
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