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Chinese Poetry  
  1. Selected Poems And Pictures Of The Song Dynasty

ISBN: 7-5085-0848-3
Page: 188 pages
Paper: 100g paper
Dimensions: 6.6×9"

Price: $ 25.95

• Preface /1

  Rouged Lips /4

• KOU ZHUN ( 寇 准 )
   Treading On Grass /6

• PAN LANG ( 潘 阆 )
   Everlasting Longing /8

• LIU YONG ( 柳 永 )
   Joy Of Day And Night /12
   Bells Ringing In The Rain /16
   Phoenix Perching On Plane Tree
  • FAN ZHONGYAN ( 范仲淹 )
   Pride Of Fishermen /22

• ZHANG XIAN ( 张 先 )
   Song Of Water Clock /24
   Song Of The Immortal

• YAN SHU ( 晏 殊 )
   Silk-Washing Stream /28
   Spring in Jade Pavilion /32
   Pure Serene Music /34

…… ……
  2. Selected Poems And Pictures Of The Tang Dynasty    
ISBN: 7-5085-0798-3
Page: 176 pages
Paper: 100g paper
Dimensions: 6.6×9"

Price: $ 25.95

• Preface /4

   A Song In The Pass /22

• LI BAI ( 李 白 )

…… ……


• LI BAI ( 李 白 )
   Drinking Alone Under The Moon /10
   Longing In Spring /12

• DU FU ( 杜 甫 )
   Looking At Mountain Tai /14
   A Woman Of Extreme Beauty /16

• WEI YINGWU ( 韦应物 )
   Just Setting Out From Yangzi Ferry-For Secretary Yuan /20

  3. Selections From The Book Of Poetry (Illustrated Edition)

ISBN: 7-5085-0887-4
Page: 196 pages
Paper: 100g paper
Dimensions: 6.6×9"

Price: $

Daode Jing has been preprinted and commented for formidable times in china. Furthermore, it has been translated most widely only second to the Bible in the modern world. It is taking up its influence on the globe today.

This bi-linguistic version of Daode Jing is illusrated with a lot of ancient paintings and murals which either are related to the ideas of Dao or are directly the descriptions of the immortals. This is our special offerings with book. In this way, we hope we can share the aesthetical senses, enhance the enlightenment, and increase the reading fun of Daode Jing.


  4. Laws Divine And Human And Pictures Of Deities  
ISBN: 7-5085-0846-7
Page: 186 pages
Paper: 100g paper
Dimensions: 6.6×9"

Price: $


Chinese New Year pictures are an important variety of Chinese folk arts and are called so because they are prepared and decorated for the celebration of Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year pictures mainly exhibit day-to-day lives, fairy tales, folklores, historical stories, etc, while their connotation is to wish for peace and luck, praise the good and repress the bad, and suppress the evil spirit and refuse heresy, exhibiting the spiritual pursuance of common people.

The Chinese traditional cultures are extensive and profound, being the common spiritual fortunes of the entire mankind. We regard the publication of the book as a contribution to the development of human spiritual civilization and wish for the continuity of the cause.

  5. Verse in Three Characters And Genre Pictures

ISBN: 7-5085-0799-1
Page: 140 pages
Paper: 100g paper
Dimensions: 6.6×9"

Price: $


Verse in Three Characters is a representative work of the Chinese traditional culture and a model of the world's popular literature, from which people can experience the ideological concepts and living habits of ancient Chinese. Keeping in line with the modern society, its content may not be totally rationally or accurate. In other words, it is even out of date and is not suitable for today's society. Nevertheless, it is still upholding an important role in education and a high value in culture. This Chinese-English version of Verse in Three Characters is quite significant for introducing the ancient Chinese works on children's enlightenment to readers all over the world. Verse in Three Characters being matched up with the Chinese New Year picture, each shines more brilliantly in the other's company.

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