HUWA GOLDEN International, Inc. was established 10 years ago and is specialized in distribution of international documentaires and dramas in China. Worked with companies such as CBS, WGBH, Sandra Carter Productions, etc., we brought the best of American productions, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, NOVA, Broadway Archives among more than 1000 titles, to the Chinese. Lately we expanded our business to release Chinese documentaries and animations to North America and Europe, responding to an increasing need for Chinese audio/visual materials for people who are learning Chinese, fascinated by the Chinese culture, or simply wanting to understand more about the country and its people.
  As the first step, we acquired the rights to release a Chinese language leaning series, Communicate in Chinese, and three documentary series, Chinese Archive of World Heritage Sites, Quintessential Chinese Culture, and Chinese Folk Arts. The first two were major productions of CCTV, a Chinese national TV production and broadcasting company. The later two were specially made for English-speaking audience. We are released them on DVDs (US format) in both English and Chinese language. Supplemental to these audio/visual materials, we also carry high quality books in topics covering Chinese arts, culture, and history. Public libraries that acquired our collections include Berkeley City, San Jose City, San Meteo County, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles City Chinatown Branch, Queens Flushing, California State University at Long Beach¡­
  Currently, HUWA GOLDEN International is working with its partners to establish extended bilingual video collections on Chinese arts, culture, history, and language learning. In addition to serving general public, we will also develop materials supplemental to college, elementary, middle, and high school curriculums working with experts from Chinese programs of colleges, universities, and school districts.
  To make our effort successful, we welcome your supports, comments, and collaborations!